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Malawi’s Cashgate Queen Joyce Banda Wants Malawians to Die Of Covid-19

Government has asked former President Dr. Joyce Banda and opposition political parties to stop politicizing Covid-19 pandemic which has so far killed four people in the country.

JB wants Malawians to die -Botomsni

Minister of Information, Mark Botomani made the statement on Thursday after the former President Banda made ‘false and irresponsible’ remarks claiming the country has no Covid-19 cases.

The Minister Botomani said remarks by the former head of state are very unfortunate and lacks the spirit of patriotism.  He said Joyce Banda’s shows that she does not care about the lives of Malawian.

“Such a statement, coming from a parent and a former president, is not only irresponsible but also unfortunate and lacking in patriotism.

It is clear that Mrs. Banda has no love for the country and does not care if many Malawians die of the pandemic.” said Botomani

The Minister further said Covid-19 tastes are being conducted by well-trained laboratory technologists who follow World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

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  1. Jb is mad and it seems she has lost her head. Before malawi started registering nCov cases she came on the podium and lied to the whole world that the government was hiding covid19 cases which were already tested positive and she appealed to apm to declare the presence of those cases so that the foreign partners should start assisting us. Now that the real cases are with us and we all heard from cdc-USA, and WHO that the tests are real, jb and his bed fellows are deciding to oppose. This is very unfortune. Who does she think is kidding with? If they don’t have the manifesto for us to see and hear they must shut up. This cashgate queen who sold our jet at US$15m and her bunch of shit are useless and they have nothing to offer but to continue with their acts of terror to wipe or rather reduce the malawian population. This she devil who is on a killing spree is a disgrace.

  2. Leave that birch, she might be stranded as Malawi nation denied her in the ballot that she is not accepted and recognised to the country. Almost now 7years being named birch cashgate, queen of all thugs.

  3. It is so sad looking at women like this! They destroy everything!She was given the presidency! literally the presidency was given to this female thief! and she could not even resist stealing! She now wants people to die of covid now dovu lilil dyoli-dyoli thinking of Covid money and what she could do with it! Please why do you just go away and let us develop our country? you are a curse!!!


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