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Chiwamba to Feat Up-Coming Poets

By Blessings Kaunda

Mzuzu, May 26, Mana: A well-known poet, Robert Chiwamba said he will collaborate with two new faces in his new album to be released in 2021.

People should expect issue based poetry- Chiwamba

Speaking on Monday in Mzuzu, he said people should expect new style whereby two fellow poets would be featured in his new album and was on the verge of identifying who would be better poets on the land to feature him.

“People should expect issue based poetry. New and old styles. All for their choice. For the first time I may feature one or two new poets. I would assure them that my new album will be out early next year,” Chiwamba said.

He added that he is still looking for talented persons who would suit his style, but it is not by default and cited that they would still use their own style.

“Not yet decided on the title. I have many unrecorded work yet. But by December I should be able to have a clear picture on the title.

‘’I am still searching for the title of my new album as I still have some work to do. I do not want to rush into making a title while there is still something I could work on.

“On the poets that would feature me I would prefer if they use their own style to make it more exciting,” the Poet said.

Chiwamba said he releases album every three years and his last album was released in 2018.

“The last poem I released was probably a month ago but as for the album was in 2018. I release albums once every three years. My new album will coincide with my 10 years anniversary,” he disclosed.

The Artist said the Covid-19 has affected his performances saying that he suspended all planned activities.

“Most of my performances have been cancelled. Further, the whole world is pre-occupied with this disease such that art has been ignored,” he said.

When asked why he did not release any poem about the pandemic, Chiwamba said a lot has been done by his fellow artists.

“I feel like many artists have done well on the pandemic such that my art would be repeating. Instead I have used my social media platforms to spread the message,” he said.

Chiwamba said he appreciates the love and support his supporters give him and they should expect more interesting things.

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