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Beyond Beauty Ladies Ministry To Empower Lilongwe Ladies

By Blessings Kapina

Beyond Beauty Ladies Ministry

Beyond Beauty Ladies Ministry Lilongwe Chapter plans to hold a summit on April 4, 2020 to take place at Bwaila Secondary School in Lilongwe with the aim of inspiring and teaching ladies the word of God under the theme ‘Jars of clay’.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana)Monday in Lilongwe, Beyond Beauty Ladies Leader , Yollanda Gomani said that, the theme ‘ Jars of clay’ means that their physical bodies are like jars and made from clay in all shapes and size, each designed by God for his own purpose.

“Sometimes women are judged by their appearances, size and shape but God is saying it is in the body that he has placed his treasures,” she said

Gomani said that, ladies should not feel unappreciated when someone does not appreciate their appearance, because God is their treasure who makes all things beautiful.

During the summit whichwill start from 1pm to 5pm will change the mindset of the ladies to think as the way God thinks towards them.

She added that, the founder of the Ministry, Miss Tawina Chisicreated the group with the aim of assisting women with the help of God so that they should know what God created them to be.

Gomaniadded that the summits are aimed at helping ladies to grow spiritually and assisting them to live according to God’s purpose for their lives.

“Personally, I am not who I used to be, I was living my life for the sake of living, I was not making impact in people’s lives the way God wanted, but now with the coming of the ministry am making  great impact  and my life has changed, “ she said.

The Ladies Leader said during the summit they make friends and help each other in both the spiritual and physical life.

“We meet our role models who mentor and inspire us to live a successful life inbusiness, career and spiritual life, ‘’she said.

The summit will be incorporated by speakers, founder of Beyond Beauty ladies Ministry,Tawina Chisi and Pastor, Felicia Dube from Chosen Generation Ministry. �����v?U�3�

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