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MDF Worried With Attacks On Elderly People

By Synd Kalimbuka , MANA

MDF Chplain Rev. Kamponda giving a blessing prayer to Gogo Yobu

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Chaplain for the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), Rev. Major Andrew Kamponda has called on Malawians to stop victimizing the elderly on allegation of witchcraft.

Kamponda made the call on Saturday in Zomba during the handover ceremony of a two- bedroom house worth K1.5 million constructed by Cobbe Barracks CCAP Women’s Guild for Gogo Catherine Yobu.

He said the church feels bad to note that some communities are still ill-treating and abusing people on the basis of their age, saying: “It is very bad for the community to abuse such elderly people instead of supporting them.”

Rev Kamponda – Emphasized on the need to protect the aged.

Kamponda said becoming old does not mean that someone practices witchcraft but that it is time for everyone to go through to complete the life cycle.

He observed that it is the mandate of Christians to fulfill the Word of God by protecting and assisting the elderly.

He, therefore, called upon Village Head Mmanga and Group Village Head Ntiya to ensure that their subjects take good care of the elderly in their community.

Cobbe Barracks Women’s Guild Chairperson, Chimwemwe Siliya said taking care and looking after the elderly is the mandate in women Ministry.

“This is part of part of our Ministry as Women’s Guild to make sure that the aged live a better life,” said Siliya.

In his remarks after handing over the house, Village Head Ntiya II promised to protect the woman and other aged people in the area so that they continue enjoying life as they used to do during the youth.

Gogo Catherine Yobu who is a member of the Baptist Church thanked Cobbe Barracks Women’s Guild for the gift.

Yobu said she previously used to stay in a tiny thatched hut where she used to sleep, store items and cook within the same room.

Among other items, the Women’s Guild also donated some packets of sugar, maize flour, mattress and kitchen utensils to Gogo Yobu.

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