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Martse Unites With Kell Kay

By Chisomo Chimenya

Re-Union: Martse , Kell Kay working on new song

After a long time of silence the “Mwano”  hit maker duo is set to release a single together despite the agenda of the two being in conflict.

A year back rumors come around of hip hop artist Martse having misunderstanding with his fellow artist Kell Kay to which the artist confirmed about the rumors being true in an interview on Monday.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Martse refused to talk more about the misunderstanding but rather confirmed about his plans of working on a new song which he will feature Kell Kay.

“l think we are old enough to be having grudges against each other. We are both artists and we may have some weaknesses but our goal is the same,” he said.

In his recent post on his Facebook page, Martse posted “Who is ready for my new song with Kell Kay? Like for real who is ready?”

Before the misunderstanding arose between the two, Martse and Kell Kay collaborated in different songs which attracted attention of Malawians.

Amongst the collaborated songs was Mwano which goes by the lyrics: “Uli ndi zonse zanga, mwano, Mumtima mwanga mwano. Sindipeleka mpataso eeee mwano mwano. Eeeeeemwano, mwano, Eeee mwanoooo.”

Majority of his fans are happy with the decision saying they have been waiting to hear that the two have started working together again.

Despite both of them releasing massive hits separately their fans have always been waiting for collaboration between the two.

In an interview with one of Martse fans, Jaliwe Kumsinda said the situation the two artist were in was worrisome.

But still, Kumsinda said he did not lose hope because he believed that things will get normal again and the two would work together.

He said “l have been expecting to hear that the two are collaborating again. We believe Martse is not in the industry to create enormity with his fellow artist, but rather to bring good music and he has just proven that by reuniting with Kell Kay. That is the kind of spirit we want and that is what we call maturity.”

The artist is believed to have misunderstandings with a couple of artist such as Gwamba, Fredokiss and the producer AK.

However, majority of his fans believe he will re-unite with all the artists he is having misunderstandings with.

Currently the most trending songs of the two artists is Adidas by Martse and Milli by Kell Kay.

For downloads to both of the songs are available on the websites and

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