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DPP Must Defend Its Legitimately Earned Election Victory

The post-election drama we have seen is not about democracy or poor governance as the opposition and their operatives claim. It is not about any civilized explanations that they are giving.

Read through the illogicality and illegitimacy of their actions, read through their refusal to be civilized in their conduct, read through their uncensored manner of speaking and how they go about disrespecting and abusing anyone who differs with them — you will see the real motive of all this.

 It is a conspiracy of those who have decided to be hateful of the DPP and President Peter Mutharika for no proper reasons at all.

It is an evil plot to achieve nothing else but remove DPP and Mutharika from power, by hook or crook.

It is a conspiracy by those who are tired of losing elections and those who feel they are entitled to hold power even when they lose elections. This is the underlying motive.

Under Mutharika, Malawi has not performed any badly in any respect for anyone to find credible reasons to plot to remove the Government. The world knows this. Everyone Malawian knows this – in their heart of hearts.

Everyone knows that Mutharika has not behaved in anyway warranting any sinister plot against him.

The May 2019 election result case has been used by the opposition as a smokescreen in the implementation of their sinister plot to remove DPP from power.

It is generally accepted that there were irregularities in the election. This is a fact. Yet no one seems willing to acknowledge that this election had much more strengths than weaknesses, that it was better managed than the previous elections. At the heart of the jazz we see is the Presidential result itself – the ultimate prize.

No one — not the court, not the petitioners in the election case, not anyone anywhere — has proven that Mutharika rigged to victory, that he benefited from any irregularity of the election process, that those who lost did so because of any of those irregularities, that the will of the people was not respected.

Everyone agrees that none of these things happened, that Mutharika’s victory was clean and deserved.

And yet, Malawi is engulfed in tension today not for any other reason but a craving for the pinnacle of power by those who lost.

Whatever good language they will be veiled in, all the court battles and the Parliament shenanigans we see are all about to snatch the Presidency which Mutharika earned legitimately. This is the motivation.

That is, the DPP is facing a plot to rob it of a victory in the elections last year. It is not a victory thrust upon it. It is not a victory stolen. It is a victory earned.  This is the truth. Those that are plotting know this truth. The world knows it.

In that case, DPP has every reason to defend its legitimate victory. It has no apologies to make for winning legitimately. People voted for it. The party is in power today because people willed it.

There is no greater motivation to get to work than knowing that some people want to rob you off a victory you justifiably earned.

What DPP needs now is for every member of the party to know that they are facing a daylight robbery of their legitimate power;

That they need to defend what they earned with their sweat and truthfully;

That every DPP member needs to cast away their personal political ambitions, misgivings and opportunistic intentions and massively pull in one direction — with their resources and their energy — to protect their legitimate victory from being robbed.

Or posterity will judge them harshly for failing to defend democracy by giving away a properly earned prize to vulturism.

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