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UDF Ready for Alliance

The United Democrat Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi on Saturday announced that the party is ready to form an alliance with any political party ahead of fresh presidential elections.

The UDF leader, Muluzi who once served as Minister of Health and Population in the President Peter Mutharika’s regime made the announcement on his official facebook page.

Muluzi said UDF National Executive Committee (NEC) will be meeting this afternoon (Sunday) to discuss the future of the party.

“What will be discussed today includes possible alliance/coalitions ahead of fresh elections later this year,” said Muluzi

He added that: “Our discussion should not be about who gets what jobs in any government but what we can achieve by joining forces with a political party to ensure most importantly peace and security in the country, which would be necessary for prosperity.”

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  1. After everything is done and dusted, the very same uncouth Malawians will be the first to cry foul after realizing that the Legal fraternity has cheated them. In Malawi, unfortunately, the percentage of illiterate people is in majority. That is why those who have read the books take advantage of the status quo and try as much as possible to swindle from the meagre resources the country has.
    People are happily talking about holding a fresh election without looking into the logistics involved and the costs. At the end of the day the bill will be paid by the people through taxes. If taxes won’t be enough then cuts will be effected in hospitals, salaries, projects etc all in the name of ousting DPP, which unfortunately is a tall order.
    The good thing is that MCP gave Malawians a dry run/dress rehearsal of the methodology they intend to use to run government business as usual by displaying their heinous tendency as seen from the Nsundwe scenarios. Nobody needs to lay bare their evil intents since that was displayed by themselves. Chakwera as a person is a big joke. Every move he makes is a blunder. He took to the podium to announce his unconfirmed victory, then after the stage-managed court ruling he rushed to his thugs in Nsundwe to celebrate their thievery. What do you expected from him if he is made the head of state, a person who is always overtaken and excited by mere unsolicited circumstances? Koma mabvuto tiki nawo.


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