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NO RETREAT: EX MPs Vow to Fight For Fresh Tripartite Elections

A group of former aspiring Members of Parliament who lost during the May Parliamentary elections has vowed to continue fighting for justice despite receiving negative comments from legal and social commentators.  

The Former MPs wants the court to call for fresh Tripartite Elections after the High Court in Lilongwe nullified May 21 presidential polls citing the elections ware marred with a widespread of irregularities.

Spokesperson for the Former MPs, Jessie Kabwira an Executive Member for the opposition UTM Party said they will fight for justice until the end.

“The petitioners went to court because they wanted justice to reign. We also want justice to reign,” said Kabwila adding that the irregularities as cited by the court affected both presidential, Parliamentary and local government elections.

In a related development, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and President Peter Mutharika have appealed to the Supreme Court against the ruling by the Constitutional Court.

On Monday, a panel of five High Court judges, headed by Justice Healey Potani  nullified the 21 May 2019  presidential  elections and ordered that Mutharika maintains his presidency until a fresh poll is conducted within 150 days from the date of judgment.

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  1. don’t be intimidated by the incompetent law experts and social commentators, as long as the reasons for nullification is irregularities then no part of the tripartite elections was left because even the paper work used for mps and local government has the same procedural errors. hence nullify all the tripartite elections and lets have fresh polls failure which only nullifying presidentual polls is day light rigging of the polls through the court. if apm is mr tippex then the malawi parliament is full of tippex mps including gotani is madam speaker tippex. if the supreme court goes by what the high court decided, then it must nullify the whole election. nullifying the elections not because of rigging which all were having keen interest to know how it was excuted is tartamount to denying natural justice. errors engulfed the whole elections hence a need to nullify all. stop intimidating them to see if mcp will reclaim all its sits.


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