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Former MPs Call For Fresh Parliamentary Elections

Former Members of Parliament who lost during the 21st May 2019 Tripartite Elections say they want the court to nullify parliamentary elections.

The former lawmakers made the demand on Thursday three days after the constitutional court in Lilongwe nullified 21 May Presidential elections citing the elections were marred with irregularities.  

Frank Mwenefumbo, a former legislator told a local media that MPs feel there should be a re-run for the whole tripartite election as the Constitutional Court has found MEC on the wrong on how it managed presidential elections.

The concerned former MPs include Patricia Kaliati who is also UTM Secretary General, Democratic Progressive Party Senior member Henry Mussa and United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi.

On Monday, a panel of five High Court judges, headed by Justice Healey Potani  nullified the 21 May 2019  presidential  elections and ordered that Mutharika maintains his presidency until a fresh poll is conducted within 150 days from the date of judgment.

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  1. this is how chakwera’s recklessness will pay. he objects without thorough analysis of the implications that may arise. this is how the whole 5 judges goofed. how can they rely their nullification on procedural errors rather than the rigging evidence? did they bear in mind why so many errors and why the use of dublicates? tripartite elections is too involving and the officers who run it bearing in mind that they were also racing against time and being humans not angels they were prone to mistakes that needed correction. in this case, no excuse what so ever, since the basis for nullification is irregularities which did not spare even the parliamentary and local council elections and no doubt they were more than in presidential because many competed, the whole tripartite elections has to be nullified failure which our judiciary will be believed to be rotten and very corrupt and is full of incompetent judges worthy to be impeached. achimwendo simwaonano tsopano manyi mumapanga aja, this is it. when we say chakwera is very useless, you think we are joking. he will crash the once mighty mcp which we all relied in making our democracy real. he has now brought useless people, the failed politicians like jb, kachale, mia, muluzi etc. these people will surely end mcp. tell chakwera to pack and leave, his time is over because we will never allow him to bring undemocratic bulling tactics he used at party level to maintain his position to be applied to the nation and Iam assuring you we will fight him to the death.


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