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Chilima Is The Biggest Winner Of All But….


I confidently say that Chilima is the biggest winner of all the dramas, presser after presser, appeals and all sorts of political gimmicks in Malawi so long as he remains the country’s Veep. Even if DPP keeps on dilly dallying the ConCourt judgement, that will still work good for him. He can go on to advise the President to take the issue to Geneva then UN if Malawi’s Supreme Court throws away the appeal provided he is accorded the police escort for show biz in Lilongwe roads and Area 18 in particular whilst anticipating a possible cardiac arrest kind of.

The bottom line is that UTM can’t win any election at any given time. 50+1 is meant for two political giants to face each other and that automatically relegates the likes of UTM, UDF, PP and Mbakuwaku.

It is a painful truth that 50+1 has landed a heavy blow on UTM as that tells kuti the party can only participate in an election as a supporting vocalist; either on DPP or MCP Choirs.

After all these dramas; it will be DPP vs MCP, Central vs Southern Region with North as VAR referee.

The 50+1 is for 2 giants and the rest can humbly join either DPP or MCP to boost the vocals. Don’t waste people’s time!

Henry Mkumbira Phiri
Political Dissector
Dublin, Ireland

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