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Take It Or Leave It; APM Is Wise, Democratic, Knowledgeable, Visionary, Upright

Mutharika: He is democratic not just nominally but also in practice and understanding


Anyone who has been to school, and are able to read and understand, they might not like APM for different reasons but would agree that APM is:

1. Wise
2. Democratic
3. Knowledgeable
4. Visionary
5. Upright

I see those attributes by looking exclusively at the speech that he gave, by looking at how daft those that are criticising him sound and by comparison with how the other leaders come across.

You can see that he is wise by him not saying too much, speaking at the right time when he has taken it all in and being precise and pragmatic.

He is democratic not just nominally but also in practice and understanding. His speech reflects on democracy and respects and follow the values of our democracy.

He is knowledgeable. You can tell he has read the judgement, understands law and it’s processes and can see the flaws in the judgement and process. Any person paying attention can see from the speech what the grounds of appeal will be. They are about fundamental errors of law and justice and human rights violation the judgement is depleted by.

He is visionary for thinking about the future. The judgement will become law by which future elections will be governed. …APM is nice, he calls what he has seen with the
judgment errors, I am not that nice, I call what I saw mediocrity and selfishness of the five judges. We don’t want to turn mediocrity into law.

Lastly but not least, APM is upright in the sense that he is consistent and principled. He hasn’t changed on his basic beliefs of justice, peace and democracy. He applauded Chakwera and Chilima for taking their grievances to court but still stood his ground in condemning the violence the two were involved in.

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