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Mighty DPP to Reclaim Victory

The Constitution Court in Lilongwe on Monday failed prove that Mighty Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) benefited from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) irregularities.

Political and Social analyst, Henry Mkumbira said the Judges worked under pressure and followed public opinion in delivering justice citing the case of Jesus Christ under Pontius Pilate.

Mkumbira posted:

1. The court never proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the DPP benefited from the MEC malpractices of the May 2019 Election.

Mighty DPP did not benefit from MEC Malpractices

2. The entire judgement was all about MEC irregularities and failure by the commission to adhere to the PPE act and no rigging attempts by the incumbent.

3. Either, the entire judging panel are somehow sympathizers of the opposition and used it to their advantage to punish the incumbent.

4. Or, the judging panel worked under pressure borrowing the Jesus Crucify him scenario where Pontius Pilate was left with no choice but succumbed to the wishes of the multitude to crucify the son of God for BARABBAS. (Judges are not immortal, they bleed).

5. The 50+1 is up to parliament to debate and OK. And no party can get this in our present scenario and that will lead to another election, possibly RE-RUN after July 2020.


1. I propose that the HE chose one of those judges to lead the MEC and that they see by themselves the complexity of the election system.
2. Leading the commission will give them the first hand evidence of how powerful DPP is.
3. Opposition should not treat this as an easy path to plot no 1. DPP has the best mechanism and all options to defend their throne.
4. DPP remains popular among voters than any political party in Malawi, whilst the rest command a large following among the youths who do not have time to vote but making noise. The evidence is the SOCIAL media.

5. If opposition can’t play their chess well here, it will be another feudal gambit for the incumbent and eventually a checkmate. DPP will surely retain the Presidency come July 2020. Reference is made to Kenya!

Best wishes

Henry Mkumbira Phiri
Political Dissector
Dublin Ireland

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