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Torturing Of Citizens Isn’t Good News At All Mr IG


In the name of human rights and accountability by state institutions, Malawi Police Police Service and Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security should issue a statement on a matter concerning a very senior MDF Officer, Captain Marcel Chirwa Junior.

The video clip on social media indicates that the respected soldier was tortured by Police. Let’s remember we have faced similar issues before and the public wasn’t happy. It led to anger towards Malawi Police to the extent that police officers became a target of assault and arson.

Not long ago the new IG was on in the media that Malawi Police Service learnt lessons from previous unprofessional conduct. But now what’s this? Then we read on social media that public figures Janta and Bushiri spokesperson, Ephraim Nyondo, were also tortured.

And we haven’t forgotten that Police killed a member of MDF in Zomba not long ago. If lessons were learnt, why are we seeing the same habits now of even torturing MDF members?

How many civilians too are going through this without video clips capturing the worrisome conduct by Malawi Police Service? We always hope for a good Malawi even on matters of policing.

But torturing of citizens isn’t good news at all.

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