What Have You Done With K17.5billion Mr. President?


We almost killed Chaponda for “misprocuring” maize from Zambia. The learned doctor defended himself. I still remember he used something like “when the house is burning you don’t follow any protocol in rescuing anything in the house.”We did not buy his story.

We argued whether the country was facing hunger, govt procedure was supposed to be followed. We demonstrated, we died for his head, we buried him, took him to police and jail, the courts saved him. But in our eyes, Chaponda is a soiled politician. That was his only crime. He was the minister of agriculture. Whether it was political, or because of the tribe he belong to that’s a topic for another day.

Ministry of health has been a famous sagalastic ministry. The minister was co-chairing the covid task force which up to now is failing to release reports on the 6.2 billion. The DCs are struggling to explain where 1.3 billion went.

Until now, the public does not know where did the remaining 4.9 billion went. The president, in his wisdom, thought it was better to fire a technical co-chair and maintain operational co-chair. Strange.

As if it is not enough, the ministry of health was given another 17.5 billion. Out of these billions, what is being explained is 5 billion that went to ministry of education. The ministry is not willing to release how the money has been spent. The president as well, is waiting from public outcry to wake up from his slumber.

Anyway, today’s nation paper has captured a story where the ministry of health has procured a dialysis machine without following procurement procedures. The ministry is attributing to covid 19. Wow!!!!!

It reminds of Chaponda maize saga. Of course nothing is going happen in the land of hypocrisy.

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