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Chakwera Releases K400m From COVID-19 Fund To Settle Khumbo Kachali Hospital Bills In RSA

GOOD PALS: Chakwera, Khumbo

Malawi government has released about MK400m Covid-19 funds for former Vice President Khumbo Kachali who is battling for his life in South Africa for almost 2 months now.

Kachali and his wife were both diagnosed with COVID-19 and that forced Chakwera to order COVID-19 funds through his Minister of Finance to flew both of them to RSA for prime treatment while poor Malawians who have no access to such VVIP treatment are languishing in hospitals which have no electricity and other basic medicines.

Reports indicate the former Vice President is in intensive care at an undisclosed hospital in RSA.

Under the the laws of Malawi, former Presidents and First and Second Vice Presidents are entitled to medical treatment outside the country apart from Account Number 1 and not COVID-19 fund. But since the government’s coffers are dry at the moment, they had no choice but to dig illegally in COVID-19 funds to sponsor their Tonse Alliance partner. Many local Malawians have died in hospitals due to lack of oxygen and other basic medicines.

Reports indicate that Khumbo Kachali has unfortunately been struck with stroke as he is receiving the COVID-19 treatment.

Government of Malawi under President chakwera has failed to account for 6.2 billion kwacha to the people of Malawi after citizens demanded expenditure report.

Covid-19 has brought untold social and economic miseries amongst the human race. Most Malawians have lost jobs manly in the hospitality industry due COVID-19 .

Meanwhile, teachers have decided to stage a strike from Monday to force government to pay them risk allowances, construct new tents at schools as one way of decongesting the pupils in classes, give them money for buying buckets and other important materials as one way of preventing the surge of COVID-19.

President Chakwera declared State of Disaster last month and made some tough measures as one way of containing the spread of the virus.

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