BJ? No Please! (Part 1)

By Che Gwedemule Adyamani

BJ during his days as a member of UDF

Brown Mpinganjira has had a colourful political career whose story spans from 1986 when he joined the list of people who were detained for fighting the one party regime, to his release in 1991.

It proceeded to the time he joined a team of fighters that formed a pressure group that lobbied for a referendum and made history in 1993 when Malawians voted for multi party democracy.

His political journey continued in 1994 when he won the parliamentary seat for Mulanje Central where he served his people for 15 years before they gave him an exit for not representing their development agenda.

Then he dumped UDF to form his NDA

By the way, BJ comes some one or two villages away from my late father’s village in Mulanje, so I have a very good understanding of the reasons why my people gave him that middle finger in 2009.

Mpinganjira’s political story continued. He became a darling of many when he fought Bakili Muluzi’s third term bid and contested as a Presidential candidate for his NDA in 2004 and as a running mate for JZU in 2009.

He failed on both attempts and that marked the beginning of his political fuss. The way he jumped from UDF, NDA and then MCP revealed how desperate he was, for power.

The way he abandoned most of his NDA cronies, the way he betrayed his NDA agenda, disappointed the youth who formed a bigger bunch of his NDA followers. The way he threw away all his manners and became obsessed with power. The way he normalised political prostitution, as long as it promised him some grip to power, Mpinganjira was ready to serve himself the dish to glory.

After disbanding NDA , he partnered with JZU before dumping it for PP

His story, is one that has seen him jump to bed with all political parties in power without shame, and made his way to some positions of influence.

Mpinganjira has appeared in almost all political fights in Malawi. In UDF, in MCP for JZU to pick him as running mate, in PP after JB’s loss in 2014, and now at the center of the fights within DPP. As long as there is power play, Mpinganjira’s name will appear somewhere leading and fueling the same.

BJ hates competition… He loves making headlines. He thinks because of his MBC and Ministry of Information background then he stands better as a communication specialist for all political parties he has worked for, even at 71 in 2021.

MPINGANJIRA: Finally dictating proceedings in DPP

The truth of the matter is, 2021 is the time to get rid of him and all these old cronies of his that introduced politics of handouts to our people and promoted laziness. Politicians that normalised political prostitution and think politics in Malawi must evolve around them and them alone. Politicians who have used the youth for their political gains and dumped them.

The Brown Mpinganjira’s of this world who have brought down rulers with their bad advice and love for money and power. Remember he was once fronted by JB in 2014, she failed, APM made him part of his campaign team during the fresh presidential poll and chaired the media and publicity sub-commitee, and APM lost.

We cant keep having people that made the art of handclapping in this country our daily dosage. They introduced themselves as heroes and want us to keep worshiping them as long as they live….BJ? No please… Part 2 please… Loading.

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