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NOTHING WRONG WITH STD 8 RESULTS…Stop this nonsense of bringing in regionalism in everything

Have you ever wondered that almost all Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Malawi are managed by Malawians from Northern Region? It does not matter whether the NGO is in Nkhotakota, Mangochi or Chikwawa, but 70% of that organisation will comprise of Northerners. It is OK, there is no problem, because northerners are Malawians and when they are in Mulanje, they are still in their country Malawi.

Have you ever wondered that 85% of both Malawi National Football Team and National Netball Team are players from Northern Malawi? Have you ever heard any one complaining that why people from Northern Malawi are dominating in these national teams, don’t we have good soccer or netball players from Dowa, Dedza, Machinga or Nsanje? People do not complain about that because they know that whether the national team is made up of all players from Mzimba and Rumphi, these are still Malawians and when they go outside Malawi, they represent all of us from Nsanje to Chitipa, Mchinji to Nkhotakota.

Have you ever wondered why our Judiciary system staff members from Chief Justice to merely secretaries 90% of them are from Northern Malawi?

Have you ever heard any Malawian complaining why is it that the legal sector in Malawi is only having one region dominating, does that Ochewa a Ku Nkhoma ku Lilongwe or a Mang’anja a ku Chikwawa or a Lhomwe a ku Pholombe are not interested in studying the monopolized law at Chancellor College? Has anyone asked the selection criteria at Chancellor College where every year the list has 90% of Northerners being accepted to study law at Chanco. People are not bothered on who is on that list or who is in the judiciary system because they know that whether they are from Karonga, NkhataBay Chitipa and Rumphi, they are sons and daughters of Malawi, after all they deliver and they do wonderful job in the Malawi’s Judicial system.

Have you ever wondered why is it that Mzuzu University Admits 85% of its postgraduate students from Northern Region and 88% of staff members are from Northern Region: people do not care about these details because they know that Mzuni is a Malawi University and it serves Malawi, full Stop.

Now on Standard 8 Selection list for 2021 form ones to national secondary schools, why is it that people are having a strong headache with it. All students selected are Malawians, whether they are from Neno or Usisya or Mtakataka.

Stop this nonsense of bringing in regionalism in everything, we are all Malawians.

MANEB has used merit, the highest among boys scored 438 marks out of 500, so they picked this guy of 438 up to the one who scored 382. On girls the whole Malawi, the highest scored 432 out 500 total marks, Maneb selected this girl who scored 432 up to the one who scored 352 out 500.If you have a different information bring it on.

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  1. Tell them!!! Why always north! North! North! Mr opposition leader and mr deputy speaker stop politicizing this. Bring tangible evidence rather than talking and talking. The north should stop using intimidations in order to be favoured and gets the lions share in everything. Ifenso zimatiwawa koma situmayankhula chifukwa tili ndi zochita.

  2. This is the kind of article I need to be produced. I am from Phalombe and I have seen the discrepancies in the aforementioned institutions but yet all I do and all other people do is just to workhard. Why do northeners cry over everything yet they are almost everywhere and in large numbers? Something clearly is wrong. I bet they need to grow up the others have now decided to work hard and they should accept the turning tables.

  3. Nankhumwa is seeking doing a political campaign to be elected at the APM convention. He is fighting a losing convention. My advice is to him is that he should form his own political party. Nyumba yamwini sawotchera mbewa. Eeeh come to senses professor Nankhumwa. Why cling to DPP, which does not want you? Kusowa kolowera or incapable of setting your own party as did SKC. Be strong and courageous man(leader)

  4. Zoona ndithu ondetsa mpira ku mabwaro amilandu ku sukulu za ukachechede andia akupoto, koma palibe wina aliense anaima pachulu nkuyakhulapo. Plz don’t talk nonsense.palibe chalakwika pamenepo zilibwino ndithu Malawi watonse


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