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MCP In The Spotlight Following The Mysterious Murder Of Kabaza Tcheya In Lilongwe

God have mercy: The butchered Kabaza Tcheya

The ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has come under intense pressure from various sectors of the public following the mysterious murder of the chairperson of Kabaza Motorcycle Operators who was murdered in cold blood in the Capital City, Lilongwe on Monday evening.

Speaking in the August House on Tuesday, Chitipa West Member of Parliament Welani Chilenga’s told the chamber that he had information that the man, 28- year-old Thokozani Kambalame was murdered my some Malawi Congress Party sympathisers, a development which have angered millions of Malawians on social media.

The death has reminded Malawians of dark days of MCP regime when it used to silence people through mysterious murder and giving them to the crocodiles.

Kambalame led recent protests by the Kabaza operators against what they called newly introduced unfair traffic regulations.

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  1. if its the cadets, prove it. this is how mcp and hrdc work. fear and oppression is the order of the day. no 1 is to get healed here, only those who applied brutality to taste the presidency will come to their senses soon. anthu onyerera ma file ku capital hill are the 1s ofunika machiritso.

  2. Where is HRDC they don’t even say anything it is like they mcp they kill a dog not a human being please if HRDC stand for people you need to come out and investigate about this matter that is if you’re independent.
    Worried citizen John Chawawa from capetown.

  3. hrdc is undergoing formal transformation in a political cacoon waiting for the coming back of dpp to unleash ungovernable hell. its now occupied with social media scavenger hunt after tiring from long street battles of looting from the innocent. the youth league really needs special healing. they are political savages. some fool from these guys pooped and peed on employment file for another innocent guy at capital hill and this is now costing government billions to come up with new files while hidding under psr19s. its a foolish exercise aimed at replaced the destroyed documments at capital hill by power hungry dudes. please stop murdering people for political reasons. GOD protect us from the oppressors.


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