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Players in Leaked Prophet Hara Conversation Unveiled

As whirlwind is refusing to settle in the Malawi Chapter of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) following the sexual scandal that erupted a week ago,  a leaked recorded conversation of two women over Prophet Justice Hara is circulating on social media and further scandalizes the respected man of God.  

Alice Jackson: She Played a ‘Friend’ in the Hara Episode

This is coming barely a week after ECG National Pastor for Malawi-Innocent Nyirenda-resigned after accusing Hara and the Church’s founder and leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of sleeping with his wife.

In the leaked audio clip, one woman claimed to be the wife of Hara and was talking to a purported confidant.

In their talk, the supposed Hara’s wife was confiding in the friend about a sexual sexual involving his husband and that the issue was at one time moderated by Apostle Misheck.

At the material day, the supposed Hara’s wife told the friend that herself, Hara and Nyirenda were present.

She further tells her friend that, the situation was tense at the house of Apostle Mishek. 

However, reports have started emerging that the two ladies in the scene are not what they claim to be.

So far, investigations have revealed that the part of of a friend in the episode was played by Alice Jackson who works for Rainbow TV in Lilongwe and happens to be closer to the authorities in ECG.

While Hara’s wife was played by a lady pastor in training at ECG in South Africa named Elshadai Manda. She also works for Prophetic Channel.

Elshadai Manda: In the Play, She Was Hara’s Wife

The development is said to have angered authorities in ECG, as apart from impersonating being punishable by law., but the two were working to damage the reputation of one of the church’s cleric and also to wreck his marriage. 

Sources in South Africa told this publication that the two women are are working to satisfy the egos of someone (name withheld) within the ranks and files of ECG.

Prophet Justice Hara: Victim of Conspiracy

“What surprised us is that why would the two ladies sit down and start faking voices and conversations. What is their motive?” questioned one informant.

“This tells us that someone is, through these two, facilitating the blackmailing of Associate Prophet Hara”.

Senior Prophet Justice Hara who is also known as Game Changer,has recently been recognised at international level on his personal life achievements.

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