You Can’t Award Each Other 7billion Kwacha; That’s Legal Theft


 He, who pays the piper calls the tune. 7 billion Malawi Kwacha! Where you buying the laws in billions from Heaven? Or purely reading & analyzing existing laws & on an education you got on either a bursary or Government scholarship. This is another syndicate.

Everyone, in their dark corners, including myself possibly, are exaggerating their role in the struggle. Nonsense. Malawi will never make progress, with this type of Algebra. Mordecai – you already declined a Ministerial appointment. This is nothing, ask and demand for a reasonable amount for your role & that of your team. Not 7 billion kwacha.

Mordecai, only you can change the discourse of this billing conversation. Atleast, you were able to decline a sought after job; by senior lawyers to be specific. Reject this money, everyone knows it is not deserved.

Yes, alot of work went into the matter but not at a cost of K7 billion. For that we thank you, money is not everything. Legacy is…This country has no drugs in hospitals, not even enough kits to deal with COVID – 19.

You can’t award each other 7 billion kwacha. There is immense illegality in legality. It is “legal theft” Godot – kindly note & convince the Tonse Alliance lawyers to be reasonable.

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  1. Marcus Garvey   August 11, 2020 at 1:05 am

    Akanganyawa ndi ena onse (interested parties) ankayesa boma likhalabe m’manja mwa DPP. Kuweluza kwache kunali ngati kulanga DPP. Lero khoswe ali pa nkhate, ndiye mupha bwanji? Kuganiza mwachikaidi mapeto ache zimakhala choncho. Mulungu amaona ndi kumva kuposa munthu yemwe anamulenga iye mwini. Izi ziri ngati kutenga ndi dzanja la manzere kupereka ku dzanja la manja, kapena kudzibera wekha ndiwo mumphika zokhala zako zomwe. Mulungu ali ndi njira zambiri zolangira machimo. Nanga chilango chingapose apaaaaa? Dzibereni nokha asankhwi inu. My only worry is that that is my tax you are freely sharing amongst yourselves. Ana a njoka.

  2. Mbonga Matoga   August 11, 2020 at 6:31 am

    This should be a lesson to all government officials that when you run government institutions like your own farm this is exactly what happens…….the sad reality is that the evil woman who caused all this mess Jane Ansah is enjoying the proceeds of her corrupt money in the UK as we speak and she doesn’t care about all this money that taxpayers have to waste because of her incompetence.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the amount because for example let me remind you that MEC paid over K700 million to the SA lawyers just for the appeal case and the high court has also approved approximately the same amount for the Chakwera and Chilima lawyers.

    So if the appeal case which is very short compared to the main case at the concourt cost over K700 million what about the main case?

    Jealous ndiyomwe yavuta apa basi……..but do not forget that this money will be shared by lawyers and their support staff within the Chakwera and Chilima legal camps.

    My calculation shows that on average each lawyer. Will get between K200 and K300 million which is much less compared to what the politically compromised AG a Mr Kaphale was paid by MEC.

    MEC was paying Kaphale illegally but no one is making noise about it although this was pure cashgate……..ACB need to investigate both the payments to Kaphale and the SA lawyers to recoup some of t(e money Jane Ansah and her fellow incompetent commissioners wasted on our watch.

  3. bumbling henchman   August 11, 2020 at 9:21 am

    There are so many players eyeing for their lion’s share. Hrdc, part of the corrupt judges, some external legal experts, the architects of the violent demos who were play-acting as justice masquerades and deep down they had judicial full blessings to help them execute their soft coup to appease their asian secret paying masters who always want to dominate in our political scenes to get the lions share in government projects and cashgate to build shopping malls. Mr civic education minister sir, which is enormous between mk600m and mk10b? May be I’m the 1 who’s lost my head and in dire need of your public lecturing. When we say izi ndi mbava zenizeni, you think people are joking. To be honest tonse used cashgate money for their campaign and now is in fully fraged mission to cover up their mafia tactics through dubious money laundering charges against innocent people. They are busy like little bees creating fake property documents owned by their political targets as a means of convincing their followers in a mastery of disguise manner. They are expert cheats. They can make a force allegation against something and yet people believe it to the extent of backing them up. For instant, they made blue lies on nCov and every1 trusted them despite covid 19’s globe rampage. We are here to keep on dancing to your sweet tongues.

  4. Galumtsukwa   August 11, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    Tell us how much did MEC pay Soth African laywers, Tamanda Chokhotho and Kalekeni Kaphale? I have gone through the judgement by the Taxation officer (Agness Patenda) and I can say without fear or favour that this figure is too small compared to the amount of work the did. In all this we have Jane Ansah to blame.

  5. bokhola   August 11, 2020 at 7:15 pm

    A tonse stop threatening other commentators by asking for their numbers and personal details. This is democracy and we are at reberty to express our views which need clarification. Unfortunately human brain can’t be forced to stop speculating. Point of correction patemba is not the taxation officer, she is only the court registrar and this clearly proves wrong at galumtsukwa. Ansah is very innocent and her hands are clean. All what transpired aftermath of 2019 polls were well known in advance before the polls. The plot of some guys to push this country into ungovernable state once dpp won was already known and you know what happened? Mec involved the reputable international organisations like bdo to help in auditting and this makes the 2019 polls credible and its naiive to treat those polls as invalid. The threats made at the judiciary and the hell that broke out post 2019 polls makes the verdict passed questionable. Its very interesting to see people condemning mec for judicial redress for the grey areas it was not comfortable with and needed clarification. How on earth can the tripartite polls declared invalid and only punishing a third portion? Can this qualify mec to be incompetent? This is another area our brains keep on asking and no one can threaten us to have these questions errassed from our memories. We are humans and there is need to treat us as such. All we need is evidence, evidence, evidence and evidence as a prove beyond reasonable doubt. Can you imagine, we are shamelessly asking for a mk2b nCov grant and yet we have mk10b to share as spoils of court battle. This is laughable.

  6. albert   August 12, 2020 at 5:24 am

    with respect to all, what your saying very true especially what bokola says am in love with that. what on earth tripertite polls could be announced invalid only to target 1 portion? doesnt make any sense. just know it was planned. malawi will never proper if we aint change our mindset. remember these guys were telling people muntharika amathawa zisankho by saying that covid is real now see, its very shame that covid right now really spreading like a flu they cant stop it its too late. they tell you, only 10 gathering at at church whats that? these are worse than apm only in few months. aint know what follows akakhazikika. am sure its same cash which guys are really to be paid zomwe chilima akulandazi he knows if he cant put an effort salipidwa ay. thats our tax too.


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