A Tribute To Mordecai Msiska


Mordecai Msiska:

It’s human nature to celebrate or appreciate people when they have kicked the bucket. I believe Malawians should honor and celebrate Mordecai’s contribution to law while he’s alive. That’s why I urge Chakwera to negotiate a deal with this prolific lawyer. Let him consider serving for one year as our justice minister. Malawi needs stability and reconciliation. He will bring that much needed maturity, stability and wisdom rather than entrusting this ministry with some young overzealous and politically ambitious lawyer to lead this crucial ministry. We, in opposition will fully support and respect this decision. It will be a mistake to replace him with a hired gun or political hack. Malawi cannot afford to be in constant state of political retribution and victimization every time government changes hands. For once let’s reconcile and work together for the good of the country. To Mordecai, even though you kicked our butts, We, in opposition respect and honor your contribution to our country.

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