Corrupt , Partisan Hi5 Judges Exposed

Corrupt Hi5 ConCourt Judges

The most corrupt and partisan judges Malawi have ever had – Justices Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu

In a ruling that came as a shock to neutral observers and the International community.

A Malawi Court dubbed ConCourt appeared to seemingly ignore evidence that showed there was no rigging and chose to throw the country into total chaos nullifying elections that all donors and the international observers validated were fair and above board.

In a case that should not have been accepted by the court as the petitioners even refused to bring eyewitness. The Court covered its asses by claiming that the documents were evidence when no person came to vouch for the said documents.

Everything Peter Mutharika has done today is legal. He is the only one who has the power to Assent or reject bills before they can become law.

However, the same people that said they went to court because it was their constitutional right when Mutharika and MEC take actions within the same constitution they threaten to shutdown State house and some of us cheer them on.

When does the Malawi Constitution apply to MCP, UTM and HRDC but not the President of Malawi and MEC?

Passing of each day is proving that Corrupt 5 judges made unconstitutional judgements that they want to be corrected by Parliament enacting laws to fix their mess.

This should not be allowed to happen and Mutharika is defending the Malawi Constitution and needs to be applauded. Parliament must not be used to legitimize illegal laws passed by partisan Judges.

Those 5 judges are going to be exposed as partisans that went beyond their mandate and history will not look at them favorably. They must not get parliament into their mess; they should all be impeached when things settle down by causing further chaos because of Greedy or partisan motives.

When you make a judgement that requires LAWS to be changed to accommodate that judgement, then you have made an illegal judgement. Malawi’s judiciary is highly compromised. Corrupt!

The   justices Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu are going to go down in history as a corrupt bunch. 

Those demanding that they should be investigated are right. Their Judgement was made despite evidence confirming that tippex favored no one and no rigging was proven. They have embarrassed Malawi in the International legal community.

6 Responses to "Corrupt , Partisan Hi5 Judges Exposed"

  1. Chikafu   March 17, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Sure! Awa achititsa manyazi dziko! Adya ndalama za anthu ena awa, zili mmatumba mwaomo. They must face the music!

  2. jane ansa   March 17, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    fuck u malawi voic and the entire dpp chomwe tikuziwa ndi chot a peter anaba mavot pamoz ndi jane,nzosafunaso umbon wina tipex yinabwela bwanji ndiposo ndiyololedwa malamulo a chisankho,ma judge anagamula bwino kwambiri excellent kungot inuyo dyela ndilimene likukuvutan

  3. no threats   March 17, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    the judgment enjoying full backing from times is destructive. there was no rigging in any way and the same court rushed in empowering the tippexed parliament to amend the constitution to bury their grave mistake made in wrong interpretation of 50%+1 which was goofed.i really doubt if any of the judges is a law expert. its now a tag war between the president and times to force him sign the bills which were made haphazardly without referendum as the law stipulates. they have forgotten that apm was one of the framers of that very same constitution they are twisting. mr president don’t sign those bills without a referendum if the law states that need. concourt is the great shame and destroyer of our democracy. how come it failed to protect and defend the simple majority? why changing things? why not called for the said presiding officers in court to hear from them why and when they did tippex correction and who did they consult and who were the witnesses? its questionable why the court failed to do that. it seems it had a hidden agenda to justify their nullification. remember no matter how long it will take the real justice of the matter will come out. the very same people you’re helping rig the election will be on your neck questioning your legal expertise in coming up with that biased and questionable judgement that seeks only to punish apm and ~39% of the voters who voted for him. stop playing with people’s minds, we also think and entitled to giving judgement by instinct. the judgement itself is a slap on the face of the internationational community who all highly recommended the elections and lebeled them as free, fair, transparent and credible. interestingly the judiciary decided to twist the credibility using the constitution which was not wisely manupulated ended up in entangling themselves. they used the parliament to shield their wishes and are now using times radio to stir the people to act in a move that will crush them in ignorance. the court was fascinating, it used only the national tally center bdo report forgetting that these bdo guys were everywhere including the district tally centres and they auditted all the tally sheets that had passed through the district tally centres to the national tally centre and only those with queries from the districts were reaudited at the national tally centre by bdo stationed there. as you can see there was no proof of rigging what so ever to have the polls nullified. this will make people not to have trust in the international observers. the supreme court must clearly and smartly tell us how the fake breached constitution sections favoured the winner, and if its tippex it should not hesistate to call the presiding officers in question to testify and tell us exactly how it rigged the elections. don’t act as if they are all dead. this is serious matter and please chilima and the bloody reverend stop using terror to gag justice, this will haunt you and mark my words.

  4. Mzunganacharo   March 18, 2020 at 4:47 pm

    Add your comment :This is the most partisan post ever. No one is fooled by it’s content.

  5. achawa sanga wadya balalikani company!   March 19, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    Tik tok we know the authors and the admin of this page namely; mponda, molasses ndi macadet nonse! nyengo yamara,! soon mukhala mukukanda!!! a wave of change is coming!!!!!!

  6. Mwapheranjiru   April 15, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Bvuto nlakuti ma jaji awa, aiwala kuti tsono ife wanthu tunali kumvera milandu iyi pa mawailesi. Nkhani vonse ife timamvera, kufutsidwa ndi kuyankha mafutso kumbali vonse ife timamva. Chiweludzo cha ma jaji chilekana koposa ndi umo mulandu unayendera ku khoti. Mulandu ndi chigamulo, zosiyana. Ma jaji mwaonetsa utambwali wanu pa nkhani iyi yokha ndipo ndi matenda amene tili nawo kwa inu owerudza milandu muno mu Malawi. Mwabvula bwalo bwalo la milandu nsaru, mukuyenda bulanda osabvala kanthu pathupi lanu. Mudzakhala onyodzeka mpaka imfa zanu nonse.


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