Parliament Accused of Rushing to Amend Parliamentary, Presidential Elections Act

Leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa accused Parliament of bulldozing and rushing to amend the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act and not the Constitution that set dates for the holding of fresh presidential polls.

Nankhumwa told MBC that Parliament “bulldozed its way to put the order paper without giving time to debate the motion.”

He said the opposition had a “hidden agenda” because the PPE Act needed the required mandatory 28 days notice, and not push it through on the same day.

“We do not rush to change laws. Other Sections of the laws ( Constitution) require a referendum.”

He said the Government side had no problems reforming the 50%+1 bill, but it needed to go through normal procedures of business committee. Nankhumwa said Parliament needed to work in unison.

The PPE amended no. 2 bill, 2020 stipulates that :

– the fresh presidential elections shall be held on Tuesday in the third week of May, 2020.

— the next general election shall be held on Tuesday in the third week of May 2025.

— the National Assembly and local government authorities, elected in the general elections held on 21st May, 2019, shall be dissolved on March 20, 2025.

– A run-off election shall be held within 30 days after declaration of results between two candidates who have obtained the highest and second highest number of valid votes cast in the presidential election.

However the house did not table a bill to change the country’s constitution to create an enabler for the passed acts of parliament to come into effect.

As it stands the country’s constitution has not been changed to accommodate the acts.

4 Responses to "Parliament Accused of Rushing to Amend Parliamentary, Presidential Elections Act"

  1. Amjiba   February 24, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    That is what I have also noticed. The act cited clearly states that elections shall be held in accordance with the constitution not the act itself. The constitution is still saying that elections shall be held in 2024 and that MPs shall hold office for 5 years not six. In this case the amended act is contradicting the constitution which is the supremeblaw of the land.

  2. sanata uze   February 24, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    This is chakwera the guy who always defiles the constitution. However, the most interesting thing is, power hungry people are bad performers. The honest thing is dpp won the elections and there was NO RIGGING. The said IRREGULARITIES affected the whole tripartite elections and surprisingly the same chakwera never never resigned as an mp to proof to the whole world that indeed the elections were marred with IRREGULARITIES. This character is very dangerous because he will be making amendments at will to over stay at the presidency. Malawians don’t be carried away by mcp, this is chakwera who had been a life president of assemblies with nothing tangible to show that was done under his over stay. The only thing he achieved was introduction of many lebel churches out of assemblies because of his poor leadership style. Our judiciary is a total shame and it does not protect the innocent electorate but, rather bend justice to appease the devil. The BALLOT PAPERS marked by the electorate are rocked safe in the BALLOT BOXES and no tippex was used on them, why then nullify because of tippex and dublicates that don’t have direct bearing on the MARKED BALLOTS and its only THE PRESIDENTIAL POLLS NULLIFIED? The way kabwira vs mec case has been handled raises alot of questions and this is a serious matter, it seems as if the judiciary only wants to deal with apm who in fact is the regitimate winner in a more transparent elections from the word go, where we all witnessed competetors like ras chikomeni, etc to the very end where all parallel centers, that didn’t rely on mec’s paper work, agreed with mecs results. This is very painful and duscouraging and I feel cheated by the ConCourt. If really apm won through rigging, why are they now want to merge? The British based afrobarometer’s findings were not very far from the outcome of the polls, why the court still reached the point of nullifying the results and only presidential? As citizens we are really not protected and this will have a bearing in the future polls. Mtambo and chakwera were in a violent subjudice tactics and yet the judiciary lied to us that they wouldn’t be intimidated, a thing they lied, who else will be neutral? I see none, oooh my country, you will fall prey again into the iron jaws of fierce dictators!!!

  3. Che Bakayawo   February 24, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    Which bulldozing and rushing you talking about here? Go and cry in the toilet.
    Respect the Judgement from the Constitution Court.
    My massage to DPP:
    Malawians are not going to spend their money on your awkward product anymore, because they do not trust your product to meet their expectations.

  4. Nyapapi   February 25, 2020 at 5:23 am

    Abakha inu A Dpp mukulubwalubwa zi chiyani inu simulungu I yayi munthu sakhara PA mpando ndi tippex. Mulungu Sanafune Utsogoleri umenewu. MBAva inu.


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