Parliament A Bunch Of Comedians


It doesn’t make sense to me that after the court judgement, another court has been opened in parliament being presided over by Members of Parliament (Public Appointment Committee) that were put there by this same commission.

It is like bastard children trying their mother for having sex with an alien to bring them into this world.

One would have thought the court judgement was final in as far as trial on this case was concerned.

You can’t have people make accusations and then you don’t give the other people a chance to defend themselves. Justice doesn’t work like that.

It beats me how mediocre this whole MCP run parliament is. So, after gathering these sworn statements, what are they going to do with them? Are they going to open other court cases? How long is that going to take?

Not long time ago we witnessed the drama and circus with this parliament concerning Chaponda. The court cleared him.

2 Responses to "Parliament A Bunch Of Comedians"

  1. saulo maccarthy   February 11, 2020 at 2:33 am

    these mcp fools must know that they are illegal law makers if we are to go by the judgement. they must stop these foolish meeting embazzling our money pending supreme court ruling mtambo is preparing to intimidate. there deliberations are null and void hence they must vacate parliament immediately. there are no oral antibiotics at qech, kch and mzch. take the money used by these illegal occupies and use them to fetch drugs please.

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