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UTM, like many Malawians, don’t trust Usi

By Jack Banda

I am probably the only Malawian who is not going to say congratulations to Michael Usi for being picked by Chakwera as his Vice President.

From my perspective as a Malawian, I don’t see any benefit or meaning in this appointment.

At best, this seems like a move designed to confuse the UTM camp and to pacify the anger over recent crocodile attacks. He knows that Usi will not take Chakwera to task over the Allince agreement.

If Chakwera respected the Tonse Alliance, he should have picked Enoch Chihana. Instead of choosing a second-in-command of a party when party leaders of the other parties are available.

Apart from that, like Chihana would have, Chilima had significant appeal to the people of the North—something that Usi lacks entirely. In some ways, Chakwera has thrown the North under the bus with this poor decision.

Moreover, UTM, like many Malawians, don’t trust Usi. It’s evident that he let Chilima down by siding with the crocodiles instead of supporting Chilima in his struggles.

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