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Jetu in Talks with MANEPO to Become Ambassador for Older People’s Rights

Malawi’s music sensation, Jetu, met with the Malawi Network of Older Persons Organization (MANEPO) this morning to discuss a potential ambassadorship role.

The 71-year-old musician, known for her energetic performances and hit song “Ali Ndi Ine,” is considering using her platform to champion the rights and dignity of older people in Malawi.

During the meeting, Jetu and MANEPO representatives discussed ways to challenge ageist stereotypes and discrimination, promoting a more inclusive and age-friendly society.

If appointed, Jetu would perform at MANEPO’s upcoming events and advocate for older people’s rights through various campaigns and initiatives.

The discussions are ongoing, and a final decision on the ambassadorship is yet to be announced.

However, the potential partnership between Jetu and MANEPO has generated excitement and hope for a more inclusive and supportive environment for older people in Malawi.

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