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MZIMBA SAYS YES TO AFORD: as Chihana launches bid to unseat Chakwera in 2025 polls

The Blue Sea

The rebranding of Alliance for Democracy ( AFORD) is bearing fruits as thousands upon thousands of people continue to embrace the development agenda of party leader Enoch Chihana in the country.

Today, Wednesday, January 10, 2024, Chihana stormed Jenda and Hora trading centers in Mzimba Luwelezi and Mzimba Hora constituencies where he pitched his development plans for the country that will help to unseat the incumbent President Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance partners.

In his remarks, Chihana said AFORD is destined to build a stable, resilient and inclusive nation that will embrace and anchor our identity as Malawians of one goal and vision and that his administration will be fighting to lift thousands of people out of absolute poverty within short period of time while at the same time spearheading social cohesion and coexistence as pillars of achieving the desired destiny.

“We are going to prosecute some of these pillars that include power to the people that is aimed to reduce developmental inequalities so that people can prosper together, economy and job creation that will happen through effective resource mobilisation and prudent management of finances, sustaining unity and peace by promoting a cohesive society for sustainable development while prompting transparency and good governance through an accountable public sector.

Chihana addressing thousands during the rally

“The laid down pillars will be achieved in greater magnitudes because your administration will exhibit fiscal discipline and financial prudence in the implementation,” Chihana stressed.

Chihana went to town and took a swipe at the current leadership by saying Malawians had hoped that Pastor Chakwera would deliver on his promises of change, but alas, we have seen nothing from him apart from corruption and nepotism.

“He ascended to power on a wave of optimism, with thousands of poor Malawians believing that the former man of God could turn around the economy and bring about the much need positive change despite his inept political experience,” said Chihana.

Among the attendees was Deliwe Ngoma,former executive committee member for UTM who have grown disillusioned with poor administration of Tonse Alliance government

During both rallies several people from MCP, DPP, UTM, PP, UDF joined AFORD.

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