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NBM powers University games with K3.5 million 

Lipato (right) handing over the cheque to Chikoti (left) and another TESSAM official Tadala Namaona

National Bank of Malawi Plc (NBM) has boosted the morale of the Tertiary Education Students Sports Association of Malawi (TESSAM) 2023 games with a donation of K3.5 million. 

Students from about 20 tertiary institutions in the country will converge in Lilongwe this weekend for various sports activities including football, volleyball, tennis, netball and others.

NBM Projects Manager Chimwemwe Lipato presented the cheque to TESSAM officials on Tuesday where he said the Bank believes that giving the youth a platform to develop skills through sports helps the country’s development.  

“National Bank believes that the youth have a big role to play, and we are not just a financial Institution but part of the Malawian community. Giving the youth a platform to develop their skills will allow them to maximize and realize their potential from a sports perspective, but overall, it will give them a platform for mental stimulation and their contribution to this country,” said Lipato.

TESSAM technical member, Victor Chikoti thanked National Bank for always being a true partner.

“The Different Universities participating in these games get funding from their institutions but it is not adequate. There are usually cases where we come to the grounds and still need a hand. We knew we had a gap and needed a partner. We could not think of any other way but to go to National Bank as a trusted partner that has invested a lot, especially in uplifting the standards of education in Malawi.”

“So, they were kind enough and indeed very faithful to their promise to come in and say they would not allow students at the national level to come together in these different sporting codes without the Bank featuring at that particular stage, for that, we appreciate this type of support,” said Chikoti.

The annual sports festival will also be used to identify champions in various disciplines that will represent the country at the Confederation of Universities and Colleges Sports Association (CUCSA) tournament in South Africa next year. 

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