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Bulldozer Chimwendo Banda says MCP to sweep all by-election seats…”opposition to sob like nursery kids”

Chimwendo Banda addressing the red sea

The ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says the opposition is braced for a painful by-election defeat following the never ending scuffles in their camps as MCP is set to galvanize power in both Parliament and at Council chambers.

Speaking after the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) officially launched the Dedza Central by- election, Richard Chimwendo Banda, MCPs ‘double engine machinery’ says his party is poised to grab both seats due to President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s good policies in infrastructure and energy sectors that have seen this country facelifted and ending epileptic power generation that has been cancerous to the economic growth.

In his remarks, Chimwendo said that MCP believes that the mandate Malawians gave President Chakwera is for delivering clean water, ending blackouts, constructing a network of beautiful roads and bridges, clinics, good schools and all amenities that enable people to live in decent human settlements, in both urban and rural areas.


“The win will also be a license for Chakwera to continue with his ambitious infrastructure building programme, and ensure the provision of better roads, universities and colleges, hospitals, dams, railway lines and electricity that boost economic and social development,” said Chimwendo Banda who is Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture.

Chimwendo further said central to this infrastructure programme is skills development, economic empowerment and job creation for the youth through loans that President Chakwera is spearheading and that Malawians are enjoying.

He has therefore, declared that opposition will not win election in the by-elections and the 2025 polls for they don’t inspire hope to Malawians as they continue to fight like “babies over kamba packs” in kindergarten school.

“We are going to retain the Dedza Central Constituency and beat any opposition ward candidate in Zomba. We will teach the opposition a very bitter election lesson,” boasted Chimwendo Banda who is also well known as Bulldozer in political spaces.

The loss for the opposition mainly the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the by-election polls which is now in disarray due to power struggle will be a damning verdict on their ability to grab power in General Elections in 2025 from the ruling MCP.

Meanwhile, DPP and other parties have not yet identified their candidates to feature in Dedza Central Constituency

In Dedza, Willard Gwengwe, a brother to Minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe is expected to have an easy win over his challengers while in Mtiwa Ward, MCP is featuring Humphrey Rabeti who is expected to lock horns with DPP and UDF candidates.

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