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MP Welani Chilenga irks Malawi Freedom Fighters

Plans by Chitipa South Member of Parliament (MP) Werani Chilenga to move the house that former members of parliament should be given a monthly salary for the rest of their lives has irked Malawi Freedom Fighters.

In his notice of private members motion, dated 1st August 2023, the outspoken Chilenga wants parliament to resolve that Ex MP’s should be receiving a monthly salary at half of the amount they were getting while in power.

The controversial lawmaker Chilenga argued that when members of parliament are kicked out of their positions by voters, their welfare is not taken care of even though they served their communities.

If Chilenga’s proposal were to be implemented, ex-MPs just sitting at home would be receiving not less than K450, 000 every month, more than the basic salary of a serving civil servant with a first degree.

In a statement dated Saturday, August 5, 2023 the Executive Director for Malawi Freedom Fighters Professor Kinka Makoloni warned Chilenga against proceeding with his ‘selfish’ and ‘unpatriotic’ decision.

“Malawi Freedom Fighters is deeply sad that while Malawians are suffering facing tough moment instead of a member for parliament thinking on how to save the nation they are busy thinking on themselves,” said Professor Makoloni in a statement

He further said: “Malawi Freedom Fighters cannot tolerant that kind of behaviour and gives a strong warning to Honourable Wirani Chilenga that he must stop with his shameful plans failing which the Malawi Freedom Fighters and its leadership will mobilize a serious demonstration in his constituency to company him so that he will not return to the August house after 2025 general elections.”

However, speaking on Friday in an exclusive interview with Times Radio, Chilenga said: “It is not true that I intend to move a motion to that effect. That so-called motion is not even on the Order Paper of the House.”

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