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Malawi is a sinking ship, need urgent solutions-Chihana

Enock Chihana; Speaking at a rally in Chikwawa

By Lovemore Khomo

President for Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) Enock Chihana has said Malawi is a sinking Titanic boat which needs urgent solutions to avoid losing lives.

Chihana was speaking during commemoration of 30th Anniversary for the party on Saturday at Nchalo Market Ground in Chikwawa district.

He recommends that government should wake up and organise a socio-economic conference where stakeholders can discuss and resolute on ways to deal with current problems.

“We need to review our economic base which are the food basket, foreign exchange and fuel. Without these three things, our economy cannot tick.” told the gathering Chihana.

Commenting on same sex marriages, AFORD President entirely dismissed the views of same sex marriages citing the country’s cultural and religion background as some factors.

“Our culture and tradition teach us that marriage is between a man and a woman, and nothing less. If something of opposite happen, then that’s not a marriage.” He explained.

The AFORD Leader then explained that the party has lined up series of rallies in all regions of the country as one way of rebuilding the party, and help Malawians to overcome current economic shocks.

AFORD registered on 21 July, 1993, is one of the first political party that helped lay the foundation for multi-party democracy in Malawi and it campaigned against one party rule of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. Trade union activist, Chakufwa Chihana was the first leader of AFORD.

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