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NOBLE CAUSE: Dozy interacting with the displaced children in the Southern Malawi

The plight of cyclone victims in Malawi has received a glimmer of hope through a significant contribution from the philanthropic community. During his recent visit to the country in early June, Dozy Mmobuosi expressed his concern for the devastating impact of Cyclone Freddy and the pressing need for housing solutions for the affected communities.

Recognising the untapped potential of Malawi and the resilience of its people, Mmobuosi pledged to leverage his global networks to provide assistance and support. Deeply moved by the challenges faced by cyclone victims, he took decisive action to address the urgent housing needs in the Phalombe and Zomba districts.

In collaboration with the Malawi Red Cross Society, The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation has made a substantial deposit of USD 500,000 towards the construction of houses for cyclone victims. This contribution aims to offer shelter and stability to those who have lost their homes and belongings in the wake of the disaster.

While the initial pledge stated support for the construction of 100 houses, recent updates from the Malawi authorities indicate that the number has been revised to 75. As responsible citizens, it is crucial for us to emphasise the importance of transparency and accountability in ensuring that these adjustments were adequately communicated to The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation.

Former President Dr. Bakili Muluzi, serving as a goodwill ambassador of Cyclone Freddy, expressed his gratitude for the generous donation during a recent press briefing which took place on 27th June. He highlighted the impact that this contribution would have on the lives of the affected individuals and communities, stressing the urgent need for shelter and support.

The Malawi Red Cross Society, in coordination with the Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC), will oversee the construction of the houses. The donation of K535 million kwacha will enable the completion of 45 houses in Phalombe and 30 houses in Zomba, with a goal of occupancy within the next four months.

This critical intervention will provide a much-needed lifeline to cyclone victims, offering them security, dignity, and hope for a better future. The housing projects are expected to not only address immediate shelter needs but also serve as a catalyst for community rebuilding and restoration.

It is heartening to witness individuals like Dozy Mmobuosi stepping up to contribute to the welfare of the people in times of crisis.

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