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Utilize Nacala Corridor facilities to the maximum 

By Tione Andsen

Chiudzu- utilize the corridor pic by Tione Andsen (Mana)

Lilongwe, Mach 31, Mana: Governments of Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique have been urged to use efficiently facilities within Nacala corridor in order to improve movements of goods and service.

Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Hastings Chiudzu said this Thursday during the 7th Tripartite Nacala Development Corridor Management Committee meeting at Sun Bird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe.

He said the facilities at Nacala Port in Mozambique have been developed and there need for the three countries to use them accordingly.

“The use of the port will increase the efficiency and capacity of cargo handling among the three countries and this could help in the facilitation of goods to and from the port,” Chiudzu said.  

He said the committee and board would provide guidance and make sure that agreements and plans that are developed should be implemented.

Chiudzu added that the success of the corridor would depend on the implementation of the agreed plans by the three countries.

Chiudzu said the meeting has provided the three countries to discuss issues of hosting agreements within the Nacala corridor.

National Director for Transport Services in Mozambique, Fernando Quana said Nacala corridor provides a reliable passage of goods and services for the three countries to the sea.

He said the enhancement of the Nacala Corridor activities would provide a lot of opportunities to all the three countries through railways and road transport.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry for Transport in Zambia, Mwalusaka Fredrick’s said the three countries have an obligation to ensure that the implementations of one border posts are done.

He said the border posts would ease the current pressure of goods and services for the benefit of the people of the three countries.

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