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Malawi set for the First Military Museum to Boost Tourism

By Prince Justice Banda

FILE PHOTO: Tourism Minister Dr. Micheal Usi

Lilongwe, January 26, MANA: The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Michael Usi said government has commenced with the construction works of the first ever military museum at Cobbe Barracks in Zomba.

Speaking in Lilongwe during a media interface at the Central Office of Information (COI) on Thursday, Usi said the proposed military museum is expected to boost tourism in the country among other things.

“The military museum will give Malawians and other immigrants a grand opportunity to appreciate military history and assets in Malawi and that’s pushing our tourism sector for greater goodness,” Usi said.

According to Usi, the Construction of this military themed museum has been funded by a private entity whose identity the Minister didn’t disclose courtesy of a memorandum of understanding between the ministry and the funding partner.

“Let me emphasise here that the whole project is not tackled by the government but rather it is being funded by the well-wishers who wish to remain anonymous to the public for their own reasons but the ministry still appreciates them for their patriotic heart and love for tourism,” Usi emphasised.

He further said that his ministry is hopeful that the construction works will be finalised soon and  that they are looking forward to liaise with the Ministry of Defense and the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) to provide them with military artifacts which will form part of this newly constructed museum.

In a separate interview with Malawi News Agency, Blessings Walawala, the Deputy Director of Conservation in the department of Museum and Monuments hailed the project saying that it will improve infrastructure development in the country.

“Considering the fact that government is pushing to achieve Malawi’s dreams as encapsulated in Malawi 2063, I think this museum will unlock a number of developments not only in the tourism sector but to various sectors of development. For instance, people will be employed at the museum and also building alone will promote beauty of the infrastructure development in the country just to mention a few,” Walawala added.

He further said the newly constructed museum will form a foundation of transformation in the history of museums in the country as it will help Malawi to consolidate themed museums to the previous general museums.

Meanwhile the museum fence has already been elected as other construction works are still under way on the proposed military museum premise at Cobbe Barracks.

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