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Pop young speaks out! “I’m loved by many”

Mzuzu’s blossoming Afro artist, Pop Young, is describing his career in music as arduous, yet promising as he has clinched the best music video award in the inaugural Mzuzu awards.

The 19 year old whose song, my story, is enjoying massive streams on various digital platforms disclosed in an interview that it hasn’t been easy for him since he began doing music in 2016.

Real name, Vitumbiko Chisoni, Pop Young recorded his first song, Ndikusowa, with some producer in Mzuzu and recalls to have received much encouragement from his family and friends.

“My friends liked the song very much thats when I was being encouraged,” he said.

With several role models in the entertainment industry, Pop aspires to thrive in music and be recognised beyond horizons.

“Ofcourse,” he said, “to make it in music this side, Mzuzu, is an uphill struggle. We work hard, day and night, but it’s not easy. People expect nothing serious from us here. Nevertheless, the coming of things like Mzuzu music awards kindles our hope. We need more of these.”

Findings indicate that there are no promoters and managers in the whole northern region, a scenario which is making it hard for artists to make it more easily in the entertainment sector.

“You’ve to be a manager, promoter and everything yourself. This is hectic. We need support aswell,” he implored.

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