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AFORD tears apart President Chakwera’s private sector council

The Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) says President Lazarus Chakwera’s government is run at the “altar of trial and error.’

Party’s Secretary General, Wakuda Kamanga was reacting to the newly formed presidential sector council which according to Chakwera will help to address social-economic ills in the country.

Kamanga said it was evident that from the beginning President Chakwera failed to define his priorities that would directly impact on the welfare of the poor Malawians.

“AFORD is wondering how the formation of many presidential initiatives will bring salvation to the economy that is in ICU taking into consideration that the country has already think- tank institution in the name of National Planning Commission which is the hub of Malawi’s economic blueprint is managing the much touted 2063 vision,

“If I may ask, how did the past governments used to run the economy successfully without such initiatives that are cancer as well on economy for such members will draw huge money that could have been channeled to other important sectors such as health and education,” Kamanga wonders

Kamanga says that it is sheer common sense that the multiplicity of these initiatives cannot bring any meaningful development to the national agenda.

“Am saying this failed state trying to survive at the expense of its citizens,” fumed Kamanga.

President Chakwera has appointed a 16 member team to help him to turn around the economy which has been condemned by many Malawians.

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