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WATCH: Papa Gopani’s Tiyeni My Love song goes viral  

Papa Henry Gopani’s latest song titled ‘Tiyeni My Love’ has gone viral on Meta’s social platforms namely the WhatsApp and Facebook.

Gopani, a Mulanje based man with no ldea of social media platforms, unknowingly released his first English song on Monday.

The song has been extracted from one of Gopani’s viral videos which was recorded secret by a yet identified top fan.

According to information made available to the publication, the ‘Tiye My Love’ hit song has been produced and mixed by ToniCity and was premiered on Mikozi Networks.  

The song has also won the hearts of TikTokers and it is currently enjoying massive viewership on YouTube channel.  

The first verse of the song goes; “Ahhhh biswaaa, Hayaa lekamaaaa, Tiyeni ma loooooo,  We te fayiiii, We te familiar”

In a blink of an eye, Gopani otherwise known as PAPA has become one of the biggest musicians in Mulanje district and Malawi at large.

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