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Malawi Voice has reliably been informed that the Blantyre International University (BIU) has procured counseling services for the girl who was offering sex in exchange for grades from his lecturer in a leaked audio.

A source said the final year law student, name withheld, suffered a psychological trauma after the clip went viral on social media on Monday.

“The school is in talk with a renowned psychologist from the Kamuzu College of Health Sciences (KuHeS) to talk to the girl,” said the source

The saga has also led to the girl’s Mzuzu based fiancé to withdraw his engagement ring and canceled all their wedding plans, a situation which has also aggravated the trauma.

“As for the lecturer, the school will only deal with the leakage part. He handled the matter well, save for the leakage part,” said the source

For ages, sex has been used as a tool to influence outcomes, decisions or gain undue favour or advantage over others in high and low places in the society.

Both men and women can use sex as bait to get what they desire or to achieve in life; and some may get away with it, depending on the value of the society they are operating in.

Sex was even used in Bible by Delilah to seduce Samson to reveal the secret of his strength, which led him to be captured by his enemies and Kind David was lured by the beauty of Bathsheba and he committed the unthinkable – adultery and murder as “a King after God’s heart’’!

In Malawi and across Africa, the phenomenon of Sex for Grades in Intuitions of Higher learning , has been on for decades as part of the “usual’’ on campuses; with the recent scandal trending as an example.

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