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NANKHUMWA SHINES AT MATAFALE MEMORIAL GIG: Urges govt to set up music college in honour of fallen musician

Nankhumwa stealing the show at the memorial jamboree

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa took time off his busy schedule to join tens of thousands of reggae enthusiasts on Sunday, November 27, 2022 at an Evison Matafale memorial live music show.

The memorial show is a yearly event, which is organized by the Black Missionaries, a reggae outfit that Matafale founded in the early 2000s. The memorial show is held at Gadaga grounds in Chileka, their home.

Evison Matafale was born on 20 November, 1969 and died while in police custody on 27 November, 2001. Arguably the most popular reggae artist in Malawi, Matafale released his debut album, Kuimba 1, in 1999 with Wailing Brothers Band. Matafale was known as “the Prophet” in Malawi and was seen as an elder amongst the community of Malawian Rastafarians.

Speaking at the event, Nankhumwa hailed Matafale and others such as Musamude and Gift Fumulani, who died later, for their immense contribution towards the development of music in Malawi. He also acknowledged the music talent of the late Robert Fumulani, whom he referred to as the godfather of music in Chileka.

Part of the mammoth crowd

On that note, Nankhumwa, who also serves as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the Southern Region, urged the government to seriously consider opening a music college in Chileka in honour of the music icons like Matafale and others.

“If this government fails to do so, our incoming government in 2025 will set up that music college.

“We cannot talk about music in Malawi without mentioning the Black Missionaries. Theirs is  music of high quality; they, preach unity, love and peace,” said Honourable Nankhumwa, who was clad in Rastafarian outfit himself.

In his remarks, Anthony Makondetsa, the band leader, hailed Honourable Nankhumwa for gracing the memorial show as the Guest of Honour to pay tribute to the departed ‘Black’ souls.

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