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Do not cry for Gospel


When the People’s Revolution takes over, we will shut down the useless relic Ministry of Information. The tax money saved will go to improving the lives of millions of people who have been waiting, since 1964, for a country that works for all.

That useless Ministry, like so many other government departments, has simply been used by successive governments as a way of giving jobs to party operatives and their associates who can’t competently find employment elsewhere.

Do not cry for Gospel; he will go back to Zodiak to do what he does best.

I’m not too sure where the political functionaries, cadets and young crocodiles packing that ministry will go. But don’t cry for them either. They had it coming…

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  1. That Ministry is meant to inform Malawians as sole custodians of the land, the only stakeholders and indeed bonafide citizens of the country, on all issues of interest involving their likely improved livelihood. Unfortunately, Kazako seem not to have read his job specifications well, hence his attitude like a blind person grappling with realities in society. To him, he thinks he must talk positively about his boss because he feels he is his pay master. This reminds me of that famous Professor from Kenya (Lumumba), who is describing the 3 categories of people any society has. Kazako is in the category of “Idiots” who will not mind the calibre, capabilities and know-how of a displaced leader you chose; that even if he steals from you, you confidently say “Even if he has a reputation of stealing, he is still our “IDIOT”. What he is doing to Malawians today will live with him and eventually haunt him and his whole generation.

    Whenever he is answering questions he will spend close to 10 minutes trying to justify his blabbing. At the end of it all he looks a fool because nothing is achieved explained. It doesn’t make sense to keep on shifting every blame to your predecessors. Just continue working for the good of the country other than talking about others like a spoiled child. Everyone is aware that DPP was voted out because they mismanaged the country. It is therefore pointless to continue daily reminding Malawians why you are in government instead of doing things differently. Explain to Malawians what they have benefited after voting you into government. If you have nothing to point out as an achievement, then the best you should do is to zip up your mouth, Malawians know what their problems are and come 2025 they already know who to replace and why. Gospel, please give us a break!!


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