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Malawians in UK pissed off with Malawi Heritage for leaking names before event

You may think that when Malawians have travelled to advanced countries they may change the culture of leaking information, then you have to think twice. Indeed old habits die hard!

The Malawi Heritage Award ceremony is organized to honour those who have worked tooth and nail in their respective professional duties has been leaked and this has angered some of the members who have threatened to pull out of the function.

One member who spoke on condition of anonymity with Malawi Voice said that many people have slammed the Organizing Committee for leaking the awardee names against their own Standing Orders for them to buy favours from the awardees.

The function is supposed to take place on Saturday, October 29, 2022 in Manchester and the Special Guests to grace the function are Lord Mayor of Manchester councillor Danna Ludford and Consort councillor Sean McHale.

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