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Malawians Accused of ‘Abusing’ 92-Year Old Musician Giddes Chalamanda: ‘He Might Someday Fall’

File: Chalamanda and Malawi President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera

Renowned gospel musician Shammah Vocals real name Shammah Storah has accused Malawians and event managers of abusing a 92-year-old legendary musician, Giddes Chalamanda.

The celebrated music artist Shammah made the accusation on Tuesday through his official facebook page barely hours after Chalamanda performed in South Africa.  

In a short statement made available to the publication Shammah said time has come for Malawians and show organisers {both local and international} to give Chalamanda a break.

“Not to disrespect the Legend but I feel like we can help Agide by not abusing him to perform.

“I know he’s trying to make ends meet but well we can help our legend in other ways rather than paying the legend to perform for 30 minutes on stage, he might someday fall,” said Shammah in a statement

He further said: “Even kuntchito imafika nthawi amakupumisa due to old age. Meanwhile if we want Agide to perform let’s give him a chair so he can perform while sitting down.

“It’s my plea to organisers, yes we love Agide and we want to see Agide on stage but mehn let’s give the legend a break he should enjoy his old age.”

In August 2020, Chalamanda announced to have retired from the music industry only to ‘retire from retirement’ months later.

The ‘Linny Hoo’ hit maker Chalamanda was born on 15 January 1931. He is the oldest musician in Malawi.

Chalamanda’s music career started in the mid-1940s when he started teaching himself how to play gallon guitars.

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