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Female Artist Bongie Melon Advises Malawian Women to Propose to Men

Lilongwe-based songstress Bongie Melon has advised women to be courageous enough to pursue men of their dreams.

In her latest release entitled Manyazi, the 20-year old artist says that shyness hinders women from being with men they adore.

“Palibe chomwe sindingapange kuti ukhale waine\ndinamanga kale banja mmaloto mwaine (Nothing can stop me from having you as mine/I already tied a knot with you in my dreams),” she sings

The vocalist believes that if a woman fails to open up to a man she loves for a possible relationship, she is likely to find herself in the wrong hands.

“The problem with women is that they wait for men to approach them, and if men don`t do so they end up dating wrong people because they are the ones available,” she said

Manyazi which features reggae dancehall star Provoice dropped into the public domain earlier today.

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