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Piri Piri Damzy tackles love in new release Oposa

The long-awaited single ‘Oposa’ from budding musician Piri Piri Damzy has finally been dropped, and the song is a message of love.

Produced by Cuff-B of Big Vision Entertainment, the track is an assurance to a lady that she will be loved to infinity because she is the only one in his custody, and on the other hand, the man is expressing his confidence that the lady is indeed his heaven sent.

Nkhukutemwa mwanakazi/palibe wina/ondikonda angandikonde kuposa iwe/palibe wina omukonda ndingamukonde kuposa iwe_ goes the hook of the song.

Piri Piri Damzy, real name Dalitso Tambala, currently based in the Republic of Ireland, recently through his Facebook page reveled plans to release the track but he was not specific on the actual day until today (Wednesday) when he has dropped it.

The artist who is also an Entrepreneur and as well a Criminal Justice Reform Advocate said he is on the verge of dropping a Extended Playlist (EP) soon.

‘Oposa’ comes barely months after the artist also released another track called ‘Size yabho’ and the song made it into various local music charts.

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