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Chakwera’s Tonse Alliance Has Failed – Msaka

Chakwera has failed, am ready to rescue Malawi – Msaka

Main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the Eastern Region, Bright Msaka, has accused President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse alliance administration of failing to govern the country.

Msaka was speaking during a presser at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe where he also announced his intention to run for DPP’s presidency at the convention slated for next year.

The former cabinet Minister Msaka said he is ready to rescue Malawians from the numerous social and economic challenges they are currently facing, claiming that Malawians currently lack leadership.

“The Tonse Alliance administration is failing. There’s no point in stealing a car when you cannot drive a car,” said Msaka who is also Member of Parliament for Machinga Likwenu Constituency.

Msaka, who once worked as Secretary to the President and Cabinet for nine years, said he has a vision to create a system that works for the people and make the government succeed.

He, among others, pledged enough funding to the health sector and ending corruption from the public service.

At the Presser, Msaka also highlighted some of his achievements as VP (East) for seven years, saying he has helped the party grow.

“In 2014 before I was elected Veep, the party had only eight MPs but after I came in, the number doubled to 20 MPs [members of Parliament] in 2019 against 40 seats in five districts in the region.

“Again in 2014 the party amassed 396,000 votes during general elections in the region but in 2019 DPP got 530,000 votes with me as Vice President,” said Msaka

Msaka has become the second senior DPP official to openly declare his intention to run for the party’s presidency, following southern region Vice President Dr.  Kondwani Nankhumwa.

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  1. I personally have respect for Msaka based on his achievements in the public domain. He is a smart guy upstairs and has shown his capabilities on the ground through delivery of all responsibilities he has held both in the country and abroad. This is the person who can ably steer DPP from the troubled waters and eventually guide the nation to prosperity whose state of affairs as we speak is troublesome and worrying. Msaka has a clean record, his wardrobe is sparkling clean with no skeletons to hide, he has the required accolades, he is experienced in many fields etc etc. The hate speeches we hear week in and week out from some prospective presidential candidates leaves quite a lot to be desired. In fact their disjointed speeches simply translates to the world the sort of people they are, their academic qualifications, their articulation of ideas, their leadership styles/image…… I can go on and on since the list is not exhaustive. From their language, discipline, skills etc it gives the audience a good wiser scope to determine who among the lot means business and is indeed fit for purpose. My advice to DPP qualifying voters to the party convention is that choose leaders based on a number of qualities, avoid picking those full of tantrums and carry themselves around as suckling babies in a pram. Their actions in public should be good pointers and tracers which will assist you to come up with informed decisions. We want people who can take the country to a higher level and not what is being experienced now. Unfortunately, some of the underperformed are supported by those failed leaders because they are aware that if they contest against them for the presidency they will be pushovers who will be defeated easily. We still have time to make good decisions, make plausible researches in order to come up with good choices and decisions. Osasankhira munthu kukula mimba kapena mutu, koma kumaona kuti mutu waukuluwo muli mamina kapena ubongo? Msaka has the SOLUTIONS TO THIS NIGHTMARE!!


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