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If quality, trusted and tested leadership is what the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) — the party we love the most, was what we were looking for, look no further, the wait is over as a Bright  star has risen from the East.

It’s either you choose others as Party Presidents at the coming elective conference and forget of winning the next Presidential election, or you have to choose the wiseman from the East, who will lead the party to the National election victory and bring the DPP — the party we love the most, back in power again.

State Presidency has standards and it’s not for every Jim and Jack. State Presidency is not a trial and error job but one that requires those with proven experience and unquestionable integrity.

I don’t need to remind you of the trial and error leadership we have, which was ushered into power in 2020 and how the leadership is failing miserably to lead the nation.  Not everyone is fit to be a state President.

Bright, the wiseman from the East has all it takes to lead this nation and liberate Malawians from the current pangs of poverty, stress and distress.

The journey of Bright, the Wiseman from the East, to Presidency will not come by coincidence.

The nation of Malawi has unknowingly been preparing Bright, the wise man from the East to lead this nation someday and finally, the time has come.

For a start, here is a man, an accomplished lawyer who was decorated as Senior Counsel (SC) in less than 13 years of practicing. Those in the legal fraternity understand better what that means in their profession. He earned his SC through hard work, dedication and focus within the shortest period of time in the game.

Here is the man, who at a tender age, was already entrusted with ambassadorial posts as head of several Diplomatic missions and delivered. His maturity and wisdom have always befitted that of a true leader and his calmness, composition and wisdom   helped him to excel in his career as an accomplished ambassador. A President must know very well international politics.

Bright, has it all.

Here is the man who was brought into the public service to lead as Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC), in his forties, and managed to lead the public service with a remarkable success for Nine (9) solid years.

For the record, we have seen several Secretaries to the President and Cabinet who have been recalled from retirement and only served for a short time before they are fired and/or compromised professionally — talk of Hawa Ndilowe, George Mkondiwa, Justice Muhara, Zangazanga Chikhosi and now Collen Zamba. But Bright, the wise man from the East rose to that position in the forties and lasted for a good nine years as the top civil servant.

From 2013 to 2022, the civil service has been led by 5 different people, most of them in their retirement age or coming from retirement to serve just for a short period and get kicked out but Bright, the wise man from the East survived 9 years at the helm of civil service despite his tender age and challenging position. He knows best how the Government machinery operates. He has it what it takes to lead .

Just in case you did not know, that Bright the shining star from the East, the wiseman himself, was the only person who served in President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s cabinet for the whole term from 2014 to 2019 who was not a frontline politician, say member of Parliament. He shifted portfolios and successfully served without fail for the entire five years and wherever he served, he came out clean without dirty-linen.

We have seen how Ministry of Energy has been entangled in NOCMA oil deals and corrupt practices delaying MAREP phase 9. Yet Bright the wiseman from the East as Minister of Energy stirred MAREP Phase 8 successfully and finished clean.He resisted the temptations that comes along with ministerial posts and maintained his integrity. That is what we call leadership.

Of late, we have heard of stories coming from Ministry of Lands involving the cabinet minister who was fired from the position, this is one of the key ministries, Bright the wiseman from the East served and left without a dent. He priotises the nations interest over his personal gains. That is how Bright, the wiseman from the east operates, clean and smart. A true leadership that can be trusted.

Here is the man, an accomplished technocrat who went on the ground, attempted once to run for  a parliamentary seat and won; he is an accomplished politician who knows how to mingle with the grassroot party structures and deliver. Nothing can stop him from gaining the national trust and vote from all the corners of Malawi. He is the Man for the people.

The star has shined, Bright the wiseman from the East is born and destined to lead the DPP and triumph at the coming convention.

For clean politics and quality leadership you can trust to lead DPP to an election victory in the General elections, come and join Bright, the wiseman from the East.

A Bright and better Malawi awaits ahead.

This calls for the wisdom of Bright Msaka, the wiseman from the East.

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