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Kalawe Takes On Nepman Over Zembani’s US Trip: I Can Only Pray For You- Nepman

NEPMAN: Kalawe all I can do is pray for you, you need serious help. Ine sindimakangana ndi anthu.

Verbal tirades have ensued between rapper Kalawe and dancehall star Nepman over Zembani Band’s decision to exclusive the ‘Nalero’ hit maker from their trip to the United States.

The Balaka based music outfit is in the US for series of music concerts and of all its members, only Nepman has been left behind.

And posting on his Facebook page, Kalawe insinuated that Zembani has left Kalawe because of his intolerable behavior everytime he is included on an international trip.

“Mwana wina umati kumutenga kocheza koma nde kumakhala kulowa mu fridge, kukwera kwera mipando, kupempha pempha, koma kuswa ma toy; kholo limangogwetsa khope ndi manyazi. Mwana otereyu pamakhala makomo ena umamuthawa ndithu. Koma sikukhala kudana naye [some children are a total shame to the parents everytime they are taken for a trip]” wrote Kalawe.

However, in his quick reaction to the sentiment, Nepman only wrote: “Kalawe all I can do is pray for you, you need serious help. Ine sindimakangana ndi anthu.”

Kalawe has since apologised to Nepman over the remarks: “Please disregard my post on Nepman. I shared without first hearing his side of the story and that was wrong. I have since apologised and I will not comment further until I get the facts. Peace love and harmony. This approach should apply to those who are also saying Soldier is bad before hearing his side.”

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