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Tonse Partners in ‘Make or Break’ Conclave

President Lazarus Chakwera has called for an emergency meeting for Tonse Alliance partners to take place at Kamuzu Palace tomorrow afternoon,Four of the alliance partners have confirmed in separate interviews.

While the agenda is not yet known, one of the alliance partners who refused to be named called it a make or break meeting.

He said: “Some of us will be eager to know the future of this alliance. I just feel that we seem to have taken a different direction. Do we still have this alliance or it’s time each of us focused on their own parties?”

Umodzi Party President, Dr John Chisi, while confirming that he will attend the meeting, said he is not aware of the agenda and therefore cannot comment on what issues he may raise.

Chisi said: “I just got the communication yesterday. I do not know about the agenda so I really cannot say what issues I will raise”.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Publicist, Reverend Maurice Munthali, also said he is not aware of the agenda.

“I do not know the specific agenda. All I know is that the President has to call for such meetings (of all alliance partners) on regular basis for concerted efforts in rebuilding this country” said Munthali.

Munthali said the President does two things during such meetings; briefing the partners on some key issues pertaining to the running of government and also listens and takes note of what partners feel over the same.- ( Story Credit: Suzgo Chitete, Nation Online)

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