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CHIKONDI CHAPA UBALE CHIPITILIRE: SDA Dorcus Women Donates a House Worth MK 0.3 Million

By Zione Kawenda

Some members of SDA Women Dorcus handing over assorted items

Lilongwe, June 19, Mana:  Dorcus Women of Area 36 Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Lilongwe on Sunday handed over a one bed roomed house worth K350, 000.00 to a 25-year old woman with a disability at Bernard Village in the area of Chief Malili in the district.

The woman, Cecilia Kamiyosi, is a member of SDA church and congregates at Kawala SDA Church located in the village.

She does not do farming activities let alone household chores due to her disability and has been divorced twice, has two children.

Her second child, a two-year-old boy, has a disability and cannot sit on his own.

Led by their sponsor elder, Daniel Ntambalika, handed over the house whose construction started in 2020 and the women gave her assorted items which included soya pieces, sugar, salt, soap and matches worth K20, 000.

‘’I am very happy. Now I have a house and food,’’ Cecilia said as she thanked the Dorcus Women for the kind gesture.”

Some members of SDA Women Dorcus handing over assorted items

She urged the women to continue to do good work to the poor and underprivileged, noting they were God’s servants through whom He blesses His people. 

Cecilia, who was living with her second husband in his village, returned to her parents when the husband abandoned her.

Deputy Dorcus Women leader at Area 36 SDA, Ruth Shadreck said the Dorcus women decided to construct the house upon noting the difficulties she was going through.

“We are so grateful to God that He gave us courage and resources to build a house to a homeless woman. We will keep on assisting the poor and the needy such as orphans, the elderly, and the sick with basic needs such as food items, clothes and, where possible, houses,”  she said.

In her short sermon, before the handover, one of the Dorcus members, Emily Banda said helping others was the responsibility of every person who has the potential and compassion for others.

She said, should be given to people in need, and not only to people who are members of our church or our relatives.

Village Headman Bernard thanked the Area 36 SDA Dorcus Women for the charity work. He said the house would add to the development of his village.  

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