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Politics over Tay Grin’s appointed as Chefo ambassador…group divided

Disagreements have erupted within the Chewa Foundation (Chefo) over the involvement of Tay Grin, who was recently appointed as the group’s fundraising ambassador.

Chefo leaders told a press conference in Blantyre on Monday that it is not recognising the rapper.

The group has since dissolved the organising committee that appointed Tay Grin to spearhead Mkumano wa Achewa fundraising event which was slated for June 25, 2022 aimed at raising funds for the Kulamba ceremony.

Chefo National Chairperson Stanley Khaira accused the committee of not adhering to Chefo protocols hence the dissolution.

However, sources inside Chefo have confided in Malawi Voice that the move was political in nature as Tay Grin is highly linked to the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) while Chefo leans towards MCP.

Tay Grin, real name Limbani Kalilani, is son to former cabinet minister and a DPP executive member Dr Jean Kalilani.

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